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Industrial Supplies

We deliver a wide variety of materials including rubber, plastic and metal parts to be built in by mass production machineries such as construction machineries, agricultural equipments and off-road vehicles, and supplies of power and chemical plants.

Vibration-proof rubber material

Vibration-proof rubber is an effective measure for machine vibration and equipment noise. Kuriyama confronts any kinds of vibration or noise issues and try to maintain a comfortable environment by providing damping materials, acoustic absorbents, air springs and engine mounts.

Hose Clamps

The ABA clamps made in Sweden are widely accepted and evaluated high in every field by providing a great performance with a small idea under the harsh conditions such as vehicles and industiral engineering machineries.

Various injection-molded products

The demand of plastic is increasing such as to reduce in weight of machines and equipments and for cost reduction. We meet any kinds of plastic-related needs with integrated production system from mold design through injection process.

Radiator hose

Realization of stable products and low-cost. We produce not only radiator hoses but also air, oil, fuel hoses and tubes with our latest technology.

Rubber moldings

We are capable of providing a wide variety of molded products made of rubber such as natural rubber, silicon, and fluorine-contained rubber, including rubber-to metal bonded products.
We provide the best product to customer's conditions and needs by total support and guidance of raw material selection and production method options such as press/injection moldings, extrusion or sponge technology.


Rubber / plastic mats have been noted for superior performance in durability and weatherability.
We provide products that meet applications or needs such as injection molded mats made of relatively inexpensive rubber and PVC that are ideal for mass productions, and low-cost mats made in overseas.

Vacuum & blow forming

Vacuum forming was developed by forgetting prejudices of injection being versatile method, and the advantage is that vacuum molds are inexpensive. Therefore, vacuum forming is considerably beneficial for small lot production.

Sealing materials

We deal with a large variety of forms and raw materials of seals including designing and technical services. The range of forms covers most-commonly-used O-ring oil seals and reciprocating seals, and raw materials include general-purpose oil proof through specialty rubber and engineering plastics.

Rubber and flake lining

Lining processes with rubber or resin for inside of pipes and tanks give them superior corrosion-resistance and are embraced by many power and chemical plants.

Rubber expansion joints

The product is used to joint pipes for seawater, steam and gas, and is favorable to eccentric or unequal settling situations. It is commonly used in power and chemical plants, heavy industries and shipyards.

Water-sealing rubber

It is used for flood control facilities such as water gate, harbor facilities and shipbuilding equipments. We deal with a variety of products by applications to meet customer needs.