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Construction Supplies

We provides “high-quality floor tiles” (SUPER MATERIALS), “Human-friendly special paving tiles” for people who are visually impaired, Earth-friendly tiles“ (ECO TILE), and “construction materials” for railroads, bridges infrastructure and civil engineering.

High-quality floor tiles (Super Materials)

Kuriyama's Super Materials is "Spatial creative tile collection" pursuing quality by corroborating with designers from all over the world, and it has created something new and interesting. We have also strived for a great cost performance to the products with the original know-how and the latest technology, and are willing to offer the products to all spatial creators and designers.

Be a long-lasting and high class products in accordance with Japanese standard

Be stylish and a strong brand suitable to designers' tastes

<LOW COST style>
Identifying market needs and providing the best cost performance

<ORIGINAL style>
Creating unconventional and fresh tastes and new form

- human and earth friendly tiles

The various Braille tiles improve the welfare of people who are visually impaired and meet the demands of the market. We deal with plastic, rubber, and porcelain tile products. High-quality products with superior strength and abrasion resistance support a long-term human safety.
The ECO TILE is an environment-friendly tile made of recycled materials from ceramic tiles and has high quality with antiskid surface, superior durability and stain resistance.

Precast PC sealed package (MORTOMELE)

The “MORTOMELE” is a molded packing that is used as sealing product for connecting girders and precast bridge floor concrete.? The packing absorbs the sharing force generated during construction and prevents the leakage from the joint line of concrete as the product is compressed. We provide with a variety of specifications based on construction structures and methods.

Sand sealing materials for civil engineering (SATOMELE)

The “SATOMELE” is a caulking material for gravity retaining type block such as caissons that are used at reclamation work in order to prevent the sand leakage. It can be constructed on land and has powerful corrosion resistance. Moreover, the swelling power when water-expanding inner layer of the product absorbs water boosts holding power and sealing performance, and it? creates a great stability of resistance of wave and soil pressure.

Water intercepting materials (AQUAQUELL SEALER)

“AQUAQUELL SEALER” is used in shield tunneling construction as sealing materials for intercepting water. The product has gained high reputations for its performance, and ?we have many records of use. We meet various demands by providing wide range of sizes and adjusting the rate of water absorbing expanding for different applications and conditions.